About Movie

Fed up with Trump’s presidency, African American women across America, like Jahana Hayes, Ayanna Pressley, and Lauren Underwood, mobilized to run for office and used their voices to change the course of our country! Against all odds, these three women (of the seven subjects in our documentary) resoundingly won their elections as the unendorsed candidates in stunning victories to defeat seasoned politicians, 50 years to the day of Shirley Chisholm’s election to Congress! Grabbing Back, which follows these remarkable candidates’ from their journeys to win a Congressional seat, to the swearing-in ceremonies in Washington D.C. in January 2019, shines a light on their extraordinary feat and the broad impact Congresswomen Hayes, Pressley and Underwood will have on our country’s shift towards humanity and fairness.

In addition to Congresswomen Hayes, Pressley and Underwood, our film features four other formidable Black Women candidates who did not win their elections but were all impactful including, Stephany Rose Spaulding, Pam Keith, Tanzie Youngblood and Tamara Harris. All of the subjects of our film were determined first time Congressional candidates from Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida, Colorado and New Jersey.

DIRECTED by Pamela French
PRODUCED by Pamela French
PRODUCED by Wendy Missan
PRODUCED by Shareen Anderson